Video Invitation by Thomas Lopez-Pierre

Greedy Landlord Joel and Amrom Israel

Greedy Landlord Ephraim Vashovsky (center)

Greedy Landlord Steve Croman

Tuesday, October 29, 2019
(6:30pm to 8:30pm)

150 Broadway (20th floor)

New York, NY 10038

$2  Million Dollar Investment (new construction)

 CBS News - Alleged Brooklyn Slumlords.

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Sponsorship opportunities are reserved for Black and Hispanic firms (promote your products/services at the forum) at $2,500 rate, contact Thomas Lopez-Pierre at

The first 20 persons to buy tickets will be given a FREE copy of The Black Tax: The Cost of being Black in America, Shawn Rochester.

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Black and Hispanic Real Estate Investment Forum - June 18, 2019 

The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act offers tax incentives for investors who deploy equity capital into business and real estate projects in low-income communities. These incentives can significantly reduce, or in some cases, eliminate Capital Gains.

A total of 8,762 census tracts across the country have been designated as OZs. That includes 514 in New York State of which 306 are located in New York City.

DEFERRAL OF CAPITAL GAINS: Any Capital Gains can be invested into an OZ Fund. By investing in an OZ Fund, the invested Capital Gains do not need to be recognized when the investment is sold or exchanged or until 12/31/26.

In addition, attendees of The Black and Hispanic Real Estate Investment Forum will have the opportunity to hear from Special Guest Speaker: Shawn D. Rochester, Author of The Black Tax.

In his new book The Black Tax: The Cost of being Black in America, Shawn Rochester shows how The Black Tax (which is the financial cost of conscious and unconscious anti-black discrimination), creates a massive financial burden on Black American households that dramatically reduces their ability to leave a substantial legacy for future generations (source:

The Harlem Real Estate Fund, LLC (the "Fund") was founded in 2014 by Thomas Lopez-Pierre, a NYS Licensed Real Estate Broker and Affordable Housing Activist, as a boutique Black and Hispanic-owned private equity/social impact real estate fund.

Wealth inequality between White people and Black people (and to a lesser degree, Hispanic people) in the United States has resulted from an inhuman history of murders, rapes and institutional racism.

Washington Post: White families have nearly 10 times the net worth of black families. And the gap is growing.

For over 400 years, White people in America have enriched themselves at the expense of Black people (and to a lesser degree Hispanic people), directly or indirectly from: Slavery, Jim Crow, mass incarceration, redlining of real estate, discrimination with regard to the awarding of government contracts, etc.

We are "Testing the Waters" by inviting Black and Hispanic people interested in receiving information on investing with Black and Hispanic real estate developers.

On September 1, 2019, the Fund agreeed to raise Two Million Dollars ($2,000,000.00) on behalf of a NYC Black real estate developer.

In 2020, Thomas Lopez-Pierre, the Managing Member of The Harlem Real Estate Fund, LLC plans to raise $50 MILLION DOLLARS (SEC Reg. A+ Tier II/IPO) from Black and Hispanic investors to launch an Opportunity Zone Fund to finance multi-family housing being developed by Black and Hispanic real estate developers in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Watch the "$2 Million Dollar Investment" video to learn more about this investment opportunity.

The Fund is committed to building and preserving the multi-generational wealth of its Black and Hispanic investors by increasing their ownership of multi-family housing in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. The Changing Racial and Ethnic Makeup of New York City Neighborhood.

Thomas Lopez-Pierre will demonstrate via the Fund that profit and social responsibility are NOT mutually exclusive and can enhance a company’s ability to raise investment capital and increase profitability.

The Fund has developed a pipeline of actionable opportunities, driven by its network of experienced Black and Hispanic operating partners to minimize risk, improve execution and increase profits.

Bloomberg News: Black Poverty Is Rooted in Real-Estate Exploitation.

Gentrification is here to stay: History reminds us that some of the best real estate investment opportunities were created amid adverse conditions akin to what we are experiencing today.

New York Times: New Rent Laws Pass in N.Y.: ‘The Pendulum Is Swinging’ Against Landlords.

Black and Hispanic real estate investors will need to evolve and adapt as necessary if they are to be in a position to meet the challenges of creating multi-generational wealth that NOT only benefits the FEW but expands economic opportunities for the MANY within the Black and Hispanic community. Study Shows How Weakened Rent Laws Cost NYC More Than 150,000 Rent-Regulated Apartments.

Thomas Lopez-Pierre strongly believes that by rooting the ownership of multi-family housing in the Black and Hispanic community broadly in the hands of Black and Hispanic people, it will help to foster a higher state of economic and political empowerment and end the current  exploitation and displacement of the Black (and Hispanic) community by "Greedy Landlords" in America. With $2.5 billion in Brooklyn real estate, Hasidic investors are a formidable gentrification driver.

Black and Hispanic Investors MUST Work Together To STOP "Greedy Landlords"!

$2 Million Dollar Investment Opportunity

(To invest, contact Thomas Lopez-Pierre at

What are Opportunity Zones (OZ)? / IRS: Opportunity Zones Frequently Asked Questions.

What Opportunity Zones (OZ)?

REDUCTION OF CAPITAL GAINS: After holding an investment in an OZ Fund for seven years, the Capital Gains tax on the original Capital Gains is reduced by 15%. This is the equivalent of having a 15% step-up in basis on the initial investment.

NO CAPITAL GAINS TAX ON FUND PROFITS: After holding an investment in an OZ Fund for at least ten years, an investor’s disposition of an investment in an OZ Fund does not result in any additional federal income taxes.

Special Guest Speaker: Shawn D. Rochester, Author of The Black Tax

"Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek," Barack Obama.

$100 Per Person

You're Invited: Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Confirmed Panelists (more to be added)

Moderator: Thomas Lopez-Pierre - Harlem Real Estate Fund, LLC.

Beady B. Waddell, III, JD, MBA - New York Life Insurance Company.

Beatrice Sibbles - BOS Development, LLC.

Caroline Harris, Esq. - Goldman Harris, LLC.

Derek Warner, Esq. - Law Offices of Derek Warner, Esq.

Clem G. Turner, Esq. - Chiesa Shahinian & Giantomasi, PC.

Garry Anthony Johnson, AIA - Johnson Design Consulting, Inc.

Tobayi Howton, CPA - T. Howton & Co., Inc.

The Black and Hispanic Real Estate Investment Forum is committed to increasing:

1 - The wealth of Black and Hispanic people by increasing their ownership of multi-family housing;

2 - The hiring of Black and Hispanic Lawyers, Real Estate Brokers, Mortgage Bankers, Building and Construction Contractors, etc.;

3 - STOPPING "Greedy Landlords" from pushing Black and Hispanic people out of our communities.

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Black and Hispanic Real Estate Investment Forum

IRS Opportunity Zones: How Can Black And Hispanic Real Estate Investors Profit?